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Our Story

TeaSharp, brings over 15 years of experience in technology. Our expertise spans various fields including:.

Branding and Digital Marketing: Crafting compelling brand identities and marketing strategies.
Advanced Technologies: Leveraging AI, machine learning, programming, and development for web and mobile applications across different operating systems.
Innovative Projects: Successfully delivering solutions in business, organizational communication, workflow automation, exchanges, and digital currencies.

At TeaSharp, we believe that each project requires a unique approach. Therefore, through meticulous analysis of our clients’ needs and goals, we offer customized and efficient solutions. Our team consists of experienced professionals in various technology fields who, through collaboration and brainstorming, help achieve our customers’ objectives.

With successful projects in various fields, TeaSharp has established a strong position in the market and is recognized as a technology pioneer in Armenia. We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our services and always endeavor to assist our customers’ growth and success by delivering the best solutions.

Our Values

Our Vision

Delivering tailored tech solutions with innovation and expertise.

Our Mission

Becoming a global leader in tech innovation and partnership.

Core Value

At TeaSharp, we prioritize innovation, customer focus, collaboration, integrity, and always aim for excellence in everything we do.

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